Requested by B.J. Novak


A more definitive list because I left out Disney characters last time.
    I didn't get this until recently but now I get it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I hate Star Wars why did they take away the Thrawn Trilogy my one love?
  2. Katherine Hepburn
  3. A climate change denier who goes to my school
    Love you Amber please read what the UN Environmental Program has to say on the subject.
  4. Ellen Page
    I wear my hair like hers in Juno and have a lot of friends on the boy's cross country team.
  5. The Girl on the Cover of Purity
    I was the kid Franzen adopted to understand young people.
  6. Grimes
  7. Felicity Jones
  8. Anna from Frozen
  9. Miley Cyrus's Character in a Really Generic Disney Movie
  10. A Petra Collins Model
    Alternatively "Tumblr Pretty" a phrase devoid of any meaning.
  11. Zooey Deschanel
  12. The little girl in the Conjuring
  13. Emma Roberts
  14. Alex Noiret
  15. Marilyn Monroe
    Haha no
  16. Alison Brie
  17. Audrey Hepburn
    Only my free-spirited neighbor thinks this but it is v flattering.
  18. Brie Larson
    I am the ultimate indicator of a young white actress blowing up.
  19. A Beta User
    No shade but I'm jealous that 16-year-olds from the suburban midwest aren't "cultural tastemakers" (my classmates hate me, sorry if the List App wanted to revamp this app and aim it towards teenagers I singlehandedly ruined your chances in the metro Detroit area) I bought your hardcover book at full price @bjnovak