A more definitive list because I left out Disney characters last time.
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    I didn't get this until recently but now I get it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I hate Star Wars why did they take away the Thrawn Trilogy my one love?
  2. Katherine Hepburn
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  3. A climate change denier who goes to my school
    Love you Amber please read what the UN Environmental Program has to say on the subject.
  4. Ellen Page
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    I wear my hair like hers in Juno and have a lot of friends on the boy's cross country team.
  5. The Girl on the Cover of Purity
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    I was the kid Franzen adopted to understand young people.
  6. Grimes
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  7. Felicity Jones
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  8. Anna from Frozen
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  9. Miley Cyrus's Character in a Really Generic Disney Movie
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  10. A Petra Collins Model
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    Alternatively "Tumblr Pretty" a phrase devoid of any meaning.
  11. Zooey Deschanel
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  12. The little girl in the Conjuring
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  13. Emma Roberts
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  14. Alex Noiret
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  15. Marilyn Monroe
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    Haha no
  16. Alison Brie
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  17. Audrey Hepburn
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    Only my free-spirited neighbor thinks this but it is v flattering.
  18. Brie Larson
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    I am the ultimate indicator of a young white actress blowing up.
  19. A Beta User
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    No shade but I'm jealous that 16-year-olds from the suburban midwest aren't "cultural tastemakers" (my classmates hate me, sorry if the List App wanted to revamp this app and aim it towards teenagers I singlehandedly ruined your chances in the metro Detroit area) I bought your hardcover book at full price @bjnovak