I'm way too me to go to prom but I would go if I could curate the track list and the overall aesthetic. Current inspo:Boy Problems and The Virgin Suicides.This was in my drafts before Lemonade came out it! Everything on Lemonade would be included obvi!
  1. Countdown-Beyoncé
  2. Partition-Beyoncé
  3. XO-Beyoncé
  4. I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers
  5. Rollercoaster-Bleachers
  6. Wake Me-Bleachers
    A chill song that draws people onto the dance floor
  7. Wild Heart-Bleachers
  8. Time Will Tell-Blood Orange
  9. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl-Broken Social Scene
    I always come back to this song. For me it functions on so many levels: a selfish love song, nostalgia for a childhood, the intoxication of being 17.
  10. Lover's Spit-Broken Social Scene
    Oh my g-d this song. One of my favorite beats. It's such a melancholic but seedy song. If I go to prom I'm going to request this and make everyone else feel uncomfortable. It's a great slow song. This is for awkward, shaky dancing between people who know each other too well to be getting into this. The decorations are cockeyed and falling off at this point.
  11. Wasted Youth-Cardiknox
  12. Teenage Girl-Cherry Glazerr
  13. Boy Problems-Carly Rae Jepsen
  14. Run Away with Me-Carly Rae Jepsen
    The perfect pop song
  15. When I Needed You-Carly Rae Jepsen
  16. Crane Wife-The Decemberists
    Listened to this constantly before realizing it was about eds. 😐
  17. O Valencia!-The Decemberists
    This is the indie folk rock version of Love Story.
  18. Red Right Ankle-The Decemberists
  19. Ex's and Oh's-Elle King
  20. Just Like Honey-The Jesus and Mary Chain
    I'll be your plastic toy/I'll be your plastic toy Best drum line in a song and the perfect song for one of my favorite scenes of all time.
  21. Higher-Lia Ices
  22. 400 Lux-Lorde
    The other anthem
  23. Ribs-Lorde
    Literally the anthem of my time in high school
  24. All My Friends-LCD Soundsystem
    Alright in this version I'm both the cool dj and the girl who's been requesting songs all night and this is the cooling down song everyone exits to. Wrap-up on high school everyone, can't wait to get out of here.
  25. Game of Pricks-Guided by Voices
  26. Satisfied-Hamilton
    Me in a song. Also R&B is always a solid choice for prom.
  27. I Love It-Icona Pop
  28. Blood-The Middle East
  29. Left My Heart in Tokyo-Mini Viva
  30. Rescue Song (RAC Remix)-Mr Little Jeans
  31. Apartment Story-The National
    A great slow song.
  32. Lemonworld-The National
    A song I want to drown in
  33. Holland 1945-Neutral Milk Hotel
    Now she's a little boy in Spain:Playing pianos filled with flames/On empty rings around the sun/All sing to say my dream has come
  34. Wonderwall-Oasis
  35. Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead
  36. Clementine-Sarah Jaffe
    I changed my mind I changed my mind Now I feel indifferent
  37. Burn the Pages-Sia
  38. Breathe Me-Sia
  39. Chandelier-Sia
  40. Modern Girl-Sleater-Kinney
    Hunger makes me a modern girl
  41. 7:30 AM-Slothrust
    Okay this song is obviously not prom material but I love it so much. Concept: the prom queen and king dancing to this song.
  42. No One is Lost-Stars
    Stars was my favorite band in 8th grade.
  43. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-STRFKR
  44. What Ever Happened-The Strokes
  45. The Obvious Child-Paul Simon
  46. Sweet Disposition-The Temper Trap
  47. Entertainment-Phoenix
    Listened to Bankrupt! on repeat on a road trip from Michigan to Providence. It reminds me of being 15 and full of hope.
  48. Anna Sun-Walk the Moon
  49. A-Punk-Vampire Weekend
  50. Campus-Vampire Weekend
  51. Diane Young-Vampire Weekend
  52. Mansard Roof-Vampire Weekend
  53. Oxford Comma-Vampire Weekend
  54. Walcott-Vampire Weekend
    Sooo many Vampire Weekend songs I'm sorry but it's kind of my duty now
  55. Stephanie Says-The Velvet Underground
  56. Sweet Jane-The Velvet Underground
  57. Baba O'Riley-The Who
    Teenage Wasteland/Teenage Wasteland