The way that they're doing it is all wrong The Magicians is trash but it should be seven season prestige tv trash ya feel? Also disclaimer most of these people are models who knows if they can act but I get a vibe off of them that I can work with.
  1. Our Heroes:
  2. Quentin Coldwater
    Anthony Ramos me @myself why didn't I think of this sooner
  3. Julia Wicker
    Yasmin Wijnaldum for now. Honestly the toughest person to cast. She needs to be simultaneously tough and infinitely sad.
  4. James
    Victor Norlander, just your average handsome blonde guy who's going to go to Penn, major in finance, and die at 78. He actually doesn't matter at all. In this dream version Julia is an equal protagonist to Quentin for the whole thing so he can stay around for the first season.
  5. Alice Quinn
    a little older than Quentin, a lot better at magic,
  6. Elliot Waugh
    Hamid Onifade.
  7. Janet Pluchinsky sometimes called Janet Way
    Kouka Webb. Janet is the a difficult character to pull off because she's both the mean popular girl with acidic one liners and probably the best tactical mind in the books. She has ice axes called her Sorrows how is she not terrifying.
  8. Penny
    Miles Teller. Penny is a dweeb whose kink is definitely very intense librarian role-playing but he also has to be kind of hot??? Who do you cast as that?
  9. Josh Hoberman
  10. The Protectors:
    Both of these characters are incredibly important and it's good to introduce them early on but sparingly in the series. The Dispatcher we should barely be aware of, Our Lady Underground not at all at least not until Julia gets to South France but both have to be there. They're this series's Cigarette Smoking Man.
  11. The Dispatcher
    Charlie Bredal. English, a few years older than Quentin, clever, trying to warp reality to stop her evil brother
  12. Our Lady Underground
    Adepero Oduye
  13. Brakebills Faculty:
  14. Henry Fogg
  15. Melanie Van der Weghe
    Du Juan
  16. Pearl Sunderland
    Nikki Amuka-Bird
  17. @God why are the only important professors older women that various boys have crushes on
  18. Mayakovsky
  19. Students:
  20. Amanda Orloff
    Caroline Reagan
  21. Anaïs
    Yumi Lambert
  22. Alumni:
  23. Richard
  24. Emily Greenstreet
    Zoe Kazan she did something similar to how I see Emily in Some Girl(s)
  25. Fillorians:
  26. Benedict Fenwick
    Tre Samuels
  27. Bingle
    Gerek Meinhardt. I googled fencers
  28. Elaine
  29. Eleanor
  30. Safehouse:
  31. Jared
  32. Free Trader Bewoulf:
  33. Asmodeus
  34. Pouncy Silverkitten
  35. Failstaff
    Willy Cartier
  36. The Subjects:
  37. Reynard the Fox
  38. The Heretic
  39. Others who defy categorization under my system:
  40. Poppy
    Cassie Lapthorne
  41. Plum Purchase
    Ava De Lacy
  42. The Heist Crew:
  43. Pushkar
  44. Stoppard
  45. The Chatwins:
  46. Fiona Chatwin
  47. Rupert Chatwin
  48. Helen Chatwin