1. Doing Latin without giving myself anxiety
    I'm not a Translation Goddess but I'm not terrible. I need to focus more to do translations (I can't have people talking in English around me) but that doesn't mean I can't do them.
  2. Balancing everything
  3. Reading one book at a time
  4. Balancing course and personal reading
  5. Making friends
    I'm not good at asking people especially new acquaintances to hangout. I wish I was!
  6. Finding time to work on creative projects
  7. Focusing on one creative project at a time
  8. Talking to my doctor
  9. Forgiving myself
  10. Handling rejection
  11. Taxes
  12. Learning to say no
  13. Learning to say yes
  14. Being okay with people disliking me
  15. Asking for help
  16. Writing with my right hand