I kind of accidentally fell into a gap year and I'm leaving for India at the end of June. Watch as I cram an entire summer (the summer after my senior year) into a month!!!
  1. Paint the rock
  2. Start a film club with some guys I know
    We talked about this on Friday and I really want to do it!
  3. Go to the Arb
    See if I can be an extra in Shakespeare in the Arb again.
  4. Go to the Botanical Gardens
  5. Go to the local art museum with Jamie
  6. Go to the archaeology museum
  7. Go to the Natural History Museum
  8. Find all the fairy doors in town
  9. Eat at the 24-hour dinner really late
  10. Go to the Detroit Flower Market
  11. Go to the DIA
  12. Midnight movie at the seedy art house theater
  13. Get my driver's license finally
  14. Brunch more often
    Zingermann's/M and Y/Cosmo's/Finally finding out what the Gandy Dancer Sundays are like
  15. Volunteer at the concert hall more
  16. Hang out at the docks
  17. Mini road trip to Grosse Pointe
  18. Thrifting with Bea
  19. Go to Mackinac Island
  20. Make an afternoon of walking to get ice cream with a friend
  21. Learn to rollerskate
  22. Bake something
  23. Climb to the roof of my high school
  24. Hang out with so many people I might not see again.
  25. Go kite flying