1. Student Teachers
    I didn't realize this wasn't a common experience? All of my elementary and middle school teachers would phone it in after March.
  2. Going to college with everyone you went to high school with
    Everyone goes to Michigan. Everyone. I think it's like 90% of people who have above a 3.8 and then ten or so people to Ivies?
  3. Future Stars
    This is our school's talent show but it's weirdly huge? There are 6 shows and all of them sell out.
  4. Calling everyone pretentious
    Ughhhh. I hate this and I hate it because 99% of the time the people who say it have easily twice as much money as me? I don't necessarily have a problem with the term but people need to stop calling me it easily 5+ times a day, I never asked your bougie ass to watch a Criterion flick with me leave me alone in my corner I'm not bothering anyone.
  5. Faux Liberalism
    Kids at my high school jump on eugenics with so little prompting. Lot of classist assholes.
  6. The USAs
    Basically the NHL developmental team goes to my high school? They are all doughy and gigantic and no one really likes them.
  7. Teen boy gym culture
  8. The large contingent of break dancers
    We have a really intense break dancing club at our school?
  9. Using the word aesthetic all the time
  10. Devil's Night
  11. Tenure babies
    Kids with super old parents/age gaps between siblings. Celebration/financially secure future/no more moving babies I guess.
  12. Going to Whole Foods for lunch
    The cool thing to do.
  13. TV Crews in the parking lot
    Our high school is parking for Michigan football games we just ignore them as much as possible.