My debate team got second place in states...which was disappointing not because we lost but because we answered the question so badly (Can people be harmed by being born?). The other team did better but barely. The (rich, private) school wants to have dinner next week.
  1. Free Winona tee, cat eye sunglasses, black blazer, black jeans, docs.
  2. Frilly vintage prom dress, black blazer, docs
  3. Will Smith family the Smiths shirt, black jeans, heart eye sunglasses, docs
  4. This sweater with either black tights or children's rights I have cut into knee socks
  5. Same look with this sweater
    Should be clear I'm pretty crafty so I'm just going to replicate it.
  6. @keonovak I feel like you have experience with revenge looks
    Not really a revenge look, but a stubbornly adolescent look that conveys I am fun and interesting and worldly and invested in performance art