1. Carry tote bags
    Bumping into him with your groceries, gym clothes, and work bag will be the perfect conversation starter.
  2. Blow your nose
    This shows him how you always take care of yourself.
  3. Argue on the phone about money
    This shows that you're hardworking & nobody's fool.
  4. Play Candy Crush on an iPad
    He'll see that you're tech savvy and love puzzles. Who doesn't love puzzles!
  5. Block the doors open
    He'll notice how you like people moving mountains for you! You're worth it.
  6. Perform
    Why do you think Miss America has a talent show? Skills add to your market value and are a great conversation starter. The subway is your stage!
  7. Balance with your bike
    Show off how fit, fun, and easygoing you are when you try to steady your bike in the subway car.
  8. Sit by the window
    Seem accessible by offering him a seat with the easy escape route.