1. Went to a casual birthday party at a champagne lounge and ended up at a swinger's party
    Was invited to join, decided to decline
  2. Went to brunch and ended up at The Book of Mormon
    That book really did change my life
  3. Went to a lunch happy hour and ended up on The Real World
  4. Went to a business dinner and ended up on stage at a Salt n Pepa concert
    🎶let's talk about sex baby🎶
  5. Went home after a long Wednesday at work and ended up at a free Carrot Top show
  6. Went to welcome the new neighbors and ended up watching them perform in their new Vegas show... "Aussie hunks" male review
    Strippers make fun friends but not great neighbors (check them out at Planet Hollywood)
  7. Packed up everything to move from the South to Las Vegas and ended up having the time of my life and falling in love with an amazing city