Albums That Changed My Life

High school: I had a 25-disc CD changer and it was the shit.
  1. Smashing Pumpkins / Siamese Dream
    When "Alternative Music" was really a thing. This was the first band I saw live (Mellon Collie Tour).
  2. Portishead / Dummy
    This bloompy electro was so weird and sexy-cool and I will never not love the shit out of it. I first heard it on the listening station at Borders, back when that was cool.
  3. Laura Veirs / Year of Meteors
    Romantic and visual and rocking; a perfect album for getting over/wallowing in unrequited love.
  4. Talking Heads / More Songs About Buildings And Food
    When I found the Talking Heads, it was like I knew what it really meant to feel COOL. This album is the bomb bomb bombity bomb.
  5. Spoon / Kill The Moonlight
    This album means warm weather, road trips, and summertime shenanigans to me.