A local sweet shop just opened a second location right near my store. It's already a problem. A sweet, tasty problem.
  1. Buttercream (dark)
    The gold standard of creams.
  2. Coconut Thingamajig {not its actual name}
    It's toasted coconut and peanut butter, dipped in milk chocolate.
  3. Maple 🍁 cream (dark)
    I can't not get this. I love me some maple.
  4. Mini pretzel (milk)
    Crunchy little fuckers.
  5. Needham
    Is this just a Maine thing? Potato and coconut filling, dipped in dark chocolate.
  6. Orange peel (dark)
    Perhaps I was feeling British?
  7. Raspberry cream (dark)
    A sexy tidbit.
  8. Self-restraint
    Just kidding.