Picture this:
  1. Petite 70-ish white lady with short, bright auburn hair.
  2. Heavy-handed but very precise makeup in the blush & brow department.
  3. Red slim-framed eyeglasses & very white teeth.
  4. Lightweight navy poncho/top with multicolor floral embroidery at all hems/openings.
  5. Numerous long sterling silver & turquoise necklaces and pendants. Bracelets? Of course.
  6. Clear nail polish with chunky blue sparkles in it.
  7. Black cigarette-leg cropped slacks.
  8. Silver click-heel pointed-toe flats festooned with large clear rhinestones.
  9. It's almost better that I don't have an actual photo, because this way your mind can imagine this fabulous creature on its own.
  10. She was in search of western boots (of course) but in the end she went with a funky wine-colored pair of clogs and a bronze walking sandal.
  11. It's been a pretty good day, but having a visit from this gal (and her very obviously lovestruck gentleman friend/fiancee) really put the cherry on top.
  12. Static