Mostly circa 2004. Inspired by @tenpea
  1. Balls of Saskatchewan
    This entity was originally the name of a fake band that myself and several friends were "in". The name was used at random times for random things, because it was ridiculous. In case you're interested, we (the band that didn't actually exist) were based in Saskatoon.
  2. Below Me
    Seriously the best name ever. And if you don't think so, then, you know what you can do.
  3. Colonel Angus
    How demented is it that in my mind Colonel Angus would really just look like Cap'n Crunch?
  4. The Dan Rather Blues Explosion
    If my memory serves me correctly (and it might not), Dan Rather had spoken that day or week at the University and that name was an homage to his awesomeness. Not sure why the mix with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, other than the names sound similar.
  5. Harry Manback
    Bill Hicks reference? Tool song? A racial epithet? The internet says a combo thereof. Knowing my peer group, it was likely the Hicks reference combined with our never-tiring infantile senses of humor.
  6. The PB&J BJs
    This name is pure genius. First, you think of PB&J and how that has no business being anywhere in the vicinity of a BJ. Then, you think, "Well, what if...?" It was even funnier when the trivia host (a friend of mine) would get drunk during trivia and yell "PEANUT BUTTER BLOWJOBS are WINNING!"