Summer of 1999.
  1. I had: Just graduated high school. WOOHOO.
  2. Living: With my folks and my younger brother before heading off to the University of Maine in the fall.
  3. Driving: 1994 Volvo 850 Sedan. I had a bunch of bumper stickers on it, obviously. I think I had that car for 8 or 9 years total.
  4. Working: At a newly opening location of a regional music store called Bull Moose Music. The manager didn't like me, because I had been hired by corporate before she got the manager job and she resented that she hadn't gotten her say. She was horrible for so many reasons. She also didn't refrigerate mayonnaise, which I found insane.
  5. Dating: Some guy named Shaun (who turned out the be an asshole) who came up to work at the music store from another location because we were all still training. He was a bad choice. In hindsight, I only liked him because he was new and different and because I liked people who liked me.
  6. Listening: The manager was obsessed with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I remember listening to a lot of their music that summer. Also a lot of underground hip hop (white people love that shiz). I was also big into Talking Heads at that time.
  7. Technology: I was researching computers for college because I was eligible for a computer loan. I thought about getting an Apple laptop with the colorful shell, but then decided that having to move a computer was weird and got the regular iMac instead. I also got my first email address that wasn't shared with my family.
  8. Reading: Kurt Vonnegut. And BUST Magazine.
  9. For Fun: Going to Dysart's (truck stop open 24 hours) late night with my friend Jessi, drinking cherry cokes or coffee and eating curly fries or pie.
  10. Or: Going to parties at my friend Caleb's sweet tiki hut aka "The Kasbah" that he'd built in a secluded field/clearing on his property. Everything was made of birch logs: benches, chairs, bar. Big fire pit. One of the best places ever.
  11. Or: Getting stoned and jumping on Becca's giant trampoline.
  12. Wearing: I remember a few thrift store tshirts: Baby blue ringer with fuzzy "ME TOO" letters. A Brown University tee that made me laugh because it was brown and said "BROWN".
  13. And: Corduroy pants my mom had turned into bell-bottoms, or vintage wide leg jeans.
  14. With: Amazing bright turf green Adidas sneakers with wide white stripes that reminded me of Bert & Ernie. Or Doc Martens or Birkenstock Florida.
  15. Knowing: Not much!
  16. Pictures: Would need to be scanned, but I just might do it because I'm super nostalgic for this era of my life.