How I'm Chilling The Fuck Out Tonight

I'm cranky because my bank's underwriters rejected my application for a refinance package for my business.
  1. I complained to my boyfriend.
    He was kind and supportive, then he fell asleep.
  2. I listened to NPR.
    Nice, France attack news coverage. This puts things in perspective.
  3. I baked muffins.
    Blueberry. My favorite recipe from Cook's Illustrated.
  4. I made cocktails.
    I was looking forward to a martini, but the olives are gone. So, gin and juice it is. Bombay Sapphire and raspberry lemonade.
  5. I reheated a frozen goddamn dinner.
    I'm usually too snobby for microwave dinners, but, fuck it. I already made the muffins from scratch.
  6. I watched "How to Get Away With Murder".
    Shondaland is a favorite vacation spot of mine.
  7. I contemplated.
    What the fuck is an Underwriter, anyway?
  8. I reasoned with myself.
    I'll come up with other financing ideas. I just wish this part of my business didn't take up such a huge amount of my time and energy instead of the parts I enjoy and am good at.
  9. I made this list.
    Good for me!