Inspired by @ameliaville
  1. It was 2002. I was 21.
    At this time I was into the electronic music scene. Parties that started at midnight, "outlaw" locations like abandoned textile mills or remote gravel pits. Big pants= yes, drugs=no. (Weed doesn't count.) I had a close-knit group of friends who were talented producers and DJs. It was a lot of fun, dancing and bonding with these people, and some of them are still close friends of mine.
  2. I went to a big campus-sponsored music festival and there was a RAVE TENT.
    It was a fun time. There were some people that I didn't know too well and this guy I'd never seen who caught my eye.
  3. We danced a lot and at one point he rolled his ankle.
    This would set off a course of events that would hijack my dating life for the next year.
  4. The witching hour struck and a bunch of friends came back to my apartment.
    It was one of those sneaky hook-up nights where eventually everyone filters out until the one guy is left so you have sex with him.
  5. The next morning, it became apparent that he had seriously injured his ankle the night before.
    So we went to walk-in care at the ER. This is like ten dates in one. Incidentally, this is not the only time I've gone to the emergency room on a first date.
  6. It was badly sprained.
    So we ended up bonding over caregiving, and other other assorted hookup shenanigans. We had almost nothing else in common.
  7. I found out that he had previously dated a good friend of mine, who was living with me for the summer.
    She was over him and with a new guy, but she didn't miss an opportunity to tell me what a douche he was. Turned out she was totally right!
  8. He had sex with another girl (a friend who stayed with him when she visited town) and lied to me about it.
    But we weren't "serious" so I forgave him. (Yes, I was 21.)
  9. He had decided to transfer to a new college out of state after classes ended.
    His lease was up before then and he ended up pretty much unofficially living with me and my friend that he had previously dated. (Current self to 21-year-old self: "Seriously?")
  10. I took a multi-stop road trip that went near him that summer.
    I visited him and found out, later that evening, that he was fucking some new girl he was working with. This was information that would have been nice to know before taking that detour.
  11. He invited me to visit several months later.
    I drove six hours to see him and, once there, was informed that he was "getting serious" with that same girl he'd been doing that summer and didn't want to start anything with me.
  12. Which would have been nice to know before I drove all that way (in the winter).
    Again, hindsight is 20/20. 35-year-old me would say "You can fuck right off." 21-year-old me apparently didn't have enough self-esteem to ask what the fuck is going on? Honestly, I don't recall all the specific details, just what a silly situation it was overall and what a dumbass I felt like.
  13. Moral of the story: We are all fools for love, or sex, or bullshit.
    Usually a combination thereof.
  14. He's married now.
    Aren't they all?