Igby Goes Down

"My life is...I'm downing in assholes."
  1. "If heaven is such a wonderful place, then why was getting crucified such a big fucking sacrifice?"
  2. "All the best relationships are based on contracts."
  3. "Are those cloves? Outstanding! Can I bum one?"
  4. "What are you doing, you little reptile?"
  5. "Pavlov's pothead. I hear the sound of a bong clink and my eyes begin to water."
  6. "She's a dancer who doesn't dance, and her friend is a painter who doesn't paint. It's kind of a boho version of Island of the Lost Toys."
  7. "Fuckin'. Lucky. Charms."
  8. "I think if Gandhi had had to hang out with you for any prolonged period of time, he'd have ended up kicking the shit out of you."
  9. "Not going to New Jersey isn't procrastinating. It's common sense."