My friend Nicole and I have been throwing around the idea of a tarot reading night at her place and we finally made it happen. Here's a synopsis of the events that transpired.
  1. She made us Bulleit Manhattans in mason jars.
    Maybe not the best drinking vessel for someone like me who really needs to keep track of exact number of cocktails.
  2. We talked about all the cool projects she had done during her recent funemployment.
    She made some pallet shelves, curtains, a wall pegboard for new pots and pans. This is a crafty and handy woman. Oh, later she told me that she had just installed a new sink and faucet. Why not?
  3. She read my Tarot
    She uses the Medicine Woman deck, which I hadn't used before. More female-centered than other decks. I took notes but later forgot them in my drunken exit.
  4. We talked about local business, about local women running for office, and about the political data analysis job she had done as a consultant that had just ended, though she was hoping to maybe be rehired.
    Seriously, she is one of the coolest people I know. So politically involved and effing hilarious.
  5. We consumed an entire large bag of Smartfood popcorn.
    That was my contribution to the evening.
  6. Apparently we consumed the entire bottle of whiskey.
    This should have been a warning sign.
  7. She received a text from her boss at the campaign offering her that job, while we were hanging out!
  8. My ride came to get me and we went home.
    Memories from here on are spotty but do involve, unfortunately, a fair amount of vomiting.
  9. Lessons learned: Don't attempt to drink-match your most badass friend, and don't fucking drink Manhattans from mason jars.
  10. FIN.