Because I'm just not that into it.
  1. ATV Riding
    Sounds like a great way to sustain a brain injury. I'll pass.
  2. Duck Boot Wearing
    L.L. Bean duck boots are crazy popular now, but when I was growing up, they were reserved for yuppies and granolas. They're also known for being fairly uncomfortable, though hipsters don't really care about that.
  3. Hunting
    I don't wake up at 4am for anything. I don't have any problem with hunting for food, but I have no desire to do it myself. Orange isn't my color.
  4. Flannel Wearing
    So cozy, and traditionally shapeless. Doesn't usually work for my body type. But I did rock several flannel shirts back in the '90s, grunge-style.
  5. Lighthouse Touring
    The obsession with Lighthouses is a tourist thing. I'm not sure of the appeal.
  6. Lobstering
    Getting a Maine lobsterfishing license is not an easy task, and not usually something that people just happen upon unless it's ingrained in their family or community. I'd definitely be the seasick one, so count me out. As for the cooking/eating of lobster? Hell yes/yes.
  7. Lumberjacking/Lumberjilling
    I'm too lazy to cut down a tree, and have no reason to do so in the first place. I did work at a sustainable forestry research center for four years, and a close friend of mine was a member of the UMaine Woodsmen's Team and later worked at The Great Maine Lumberjack Show, so I've been around Jacks and Jills. Yo-hooo!
  8. Moxie Drinking
    This classic Maine soda is pretty gross. It's like echinacea without the benefits. The bright orange branded merchandise is hipster-cool, though.
  9. Muddin' (Mudding)
    This is a hick thing that I never in a million years would deign to do because I am a total fucking snob. Only the Maine-est, rural, truck-loving, camo-wearing guys and gals go muddin'. It's probably fucking awesome.
  10. Potato Picking
    A rite of passage for most people I've known who grew up in "The County" (Aroostook County, the largest and northernmost county in Maine.) But that's not where I grew up.
  11. Skiing
    I learned to alpine/downhill ski when I was 27. My then-boyfriend had been skiing and boarding for 25 years. I never got good enough (or cared to get good enough) for him. It may be one of the reasons why our relationship was doomed. I still say that my favorite part of skiing was aprés ski (aka happy hour). I haven't had the desire to start skiing again, but I'd try aprés again for sure--I'm a natural.