Hopefully they aren't too douchey.
  1. I use li.st as a writing exercise to organize thoughts and make them concise.
    I'm a fan of well-organized writing and like to challenge myself to keep it simple.
  2. Lists should have a purpose.
    I don't understand the point of writing a li.st saying "I haven't listed in a while so I'm going to now." Why not just wait until something is worth your time to write about?
  3. My drafts folder is kept to a minimum.
    Like a fart, a list needs to be set free.
  4. I don't like lists that have just one item on it.
    It bothers me because a list, by definition, contains a series of items.
  5. I like my lists in alphabetical order.
    Unless chronological or another method specifically makes more sense.
  6. I don't like GIFs.
    I'm pleased to find that there's a group of others who feel like this. I prefer to use my words. Especially if they are a little uncouth.
  7. Favorite topics to read:
    Work/skills, irreverent shit, personal stories/quirks.
  8. Least favorite topics to read:
    Kids, sports, Harry Potter. Or lists about tweets (fart noise).
  9. I will edit my lists.
    Usually if I catch a spelling or grammar mistake, because that drives me batshit. I'll also delete lists if I'm going thru them and I'm aesthetically displeased with their arrangement or existence for whatever reason.
  10. I will ❤ my own lists.
    Because I'm a turd.
  11. I like making new friends on the internet!
    Let's hang out in this tube together.