Oh, hello there (a li.stroduction).

Just the facts.
  1. I'm Summer.
    I was actually born in October. This is me in 1981. Look how cute!
  2. I live in Bangor, Maine.
    For driving time reference, it's 4 hours north of Boston. If you actually know Maine, it's a two hour trip from Portland and an hour to Bar Harbor. Check out our sweet Paul Bunyan.
  3. My parents are originally from NYC (dad) and all over/army (mom)
    In Maine, some hardcore folks don't consider someone who has parents "from away" to be a real Mainer.
  4. Here's a photo from 1987.
    This is my mom, my brother, and me at a Fourth of July parade. Interesting trivia: The ceramic tile shop in the background is the location where my business is now located.
  5. My babysitter taught me how to swear.
    She also had a sweet tape collection that I coveted.
  6. In high school, my best friend and I tried to sneak off our closed campus at lunch.
    She got in the trunk of my car so I could just pretend I was going to a doctor's appointment. It did not go as planned because we were spotted by a math teacher.
  7. After college, I took a month-long trip and drove across the U.S.
    25 states. My favorite place was Arches National Park. It was like being on the moon.
  8. Five years ago, I opened my own business.
    Valentine Footwear. It's a women's shoe store and it is the fucking greatest. (Entrepreneurs need to have big egos.)
  9. I named my store after Valentine Avenue in The Bronx.
    My dad's family lived there in the 1950s. Now it's notorious for heroin busts. Oy vey.
  10. Wow, I look great in this professionally-taken photo from 2012!
    I definitely look like this still.
  11. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years.
    He's in the kitchen right now making two giant baked macaroni and cheese casseroles that we are bringing to a potluck wedding dinner tomorrow.
  12. I am a huge fan of naps.
    I'm really good at long-form napping. I'm working on my short-form. I've recently discovered eye masks and I think they may hold the secret.
  13. I'll leave you with a pic of The Greedy.
    This guy scared the crap out of me in my childhood. Anyone else remember/know what movie this is?