In chronological order. Boyfriends not included.
  1. Bernadette
    Would dance at any time; no music required.
  2. Amanda
    Had to watch Seinfeld (syndicated) each night without fail.
  3. Laura
    Liked to take naps on the floor over the hot air vent with hard rock station cranked on the radio.
  4. Ali
    Liked to tent out in the yard, just for funsies.
  5. Jesse
    Amazing accent (West Virginia, I think?)
  6. Justin
    Drank Milwaukee's Best (unironically).
  7. Abe
    Was aggressively pro Howard Dean.
  8. Matt
    Had questionable timing regarding pleasuring himself in front of his window with a bright light on in the room.
  9. Maria
    Had an amazing collection of homeopathic remedies.
  10. Brent
    Together we hosted a amazing theme party: "Patriots vs. Terrorists".
  11. Tyler
    Would accidentally leave the oven on all night after heating up frozen shrimp.