Snagged from @blanelly
  1. Broiled grapefruit with brown sugar
    Sometimes we'd use leftover green or red granulated decorating sugars which was very fun and festive.
  2. Buttered noodles
    Comfort food.
  3. Cheerios with honey and sliced banana 🍌
  4. American Chinese Food
    Always a go-to for dinners out. Sing's Restaurant had an amazing full-wall water fountain with fish and statues of Buddhas and creatures. They also had a cigarette machine in the lobby.
  5. Deli turkey & provolone & dill pickle roll-ups
    My dad was the deli meats guy. He grew up Jewish in NYC. I'm sure the supermarket delis in Maine were extremely disappointing.
  6. Entemann's danish
    Raspberry and cream cheese. For Christmas morning.
  7. Green beans almondine
    Sauteed green beans with sliced almonds. A common dinner side.
  8. Honey mustard carrots
    Steamed carrots with butter, honey, and mustard. The best.
  9. Jam & Jelly
    My mother loves jam and jelly. She made her own: strawberry, grape, crabapple, peach, raspberry, blueberry. We always had an abundance of tasty homemade spreads to choose from.
  10. Reese's Pieces
    Because of E.T.
  11. Soup & "Dunkers" (toasted bagel with butter and garlic powder)
    Any soup is better with dunkers.
  12. Spaghetti with shredded mozzarella
    This was a favorite after-school snack for me. I'd make it after getting off the bus (3:40) and just as syndicated episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman started at 4:00.