This pretty much happens all day long, with slightly varying details.
  1. Customer, feeling the display pair we have hanging: "Ooh, fleece tights. Those sound so nice."
  2. Me: "Yes, they're a customer favorite."
  3. Customer: "Are they warm?"
  4. Me: "Yes, some folks like to wear them as a base layer this time of year. We've carried them for years. The sizing charts on the back are very accurate."
  5. Customer: "Oh, but I don't like my clothes too tight."
  6. Me: "You could wear the size up."
  7. Customer's Friend: "Those look very small. They say 'medium/large'. But they look small."
    They are mostly nylon and they stretch when a human is actually wearing them. The display pair had not been worn, so it doesn't look all stretched out.
  8. Customer: "I wouldn't want them to be too small."
  9. Customer's Friend: "Could you try them on?"
  10. Customer: "I could try them on, couldn't I?"
    My store is a shoe store and we don't have a dressing room. The reason I reorder items with very accurate size charts is so I don't have to let people ruin the packaging of an easily-sized item by trying them on and then deciding they don't want them and then I have to put the damaged package in my sale bin.
  11. Me: "No, you can't try them on."
  12. Customer: "I don't know. I have so many tights already anyway."
  13. Customer's Friend: "They look small."
  14. This debate continues. They finally decide to leave.
  15. Me: "Have a nice day."
  16. FIN.