Also known as "February".
  1. It's snowing.
    Not heavily, but steadily all day.
  2. First customer comes in, wants to claim a worn item purchased 15 months ago as defective.
  3. Then she asks me for a silent auction donation for her non-profit. Some auxiliary something-or-other.
  4. Mailman delivers.
    Catalogs. No bills, though!
  5. Weekly meeting with bookkeeper.
    One of the loans can get paid. Rent will have to wait.
  6. Landlord comes in with fire🔥safety inspector for yearly check.
    New fire extinguisher!
  7. Assistant comes in for shift.
  8. Banker comes in with some paperwork.
    My 2014 tax returns. Totally forgot he had them.
  9. Sales Rep shows up for appointment.
    He's in the store for 1.5 hours. No customers.
  10. Another customer comes in to exchange an item.
  11. Phone call from some University student organization, asking for a donation.
    Seriously, don't ask me for things in February.
  12. I leave to go to an appointment; decide to just go home when I'm done.
    I don't cut my employee's hours because it's all estimated in my payroll and I don't want to screw her over. She is extremely productive and gets all the things done (and more).
  13. Assistant texts end of day update: No biz.
    I'm not surprised.
  14. Is it time for a drink yet?
  15. Welcome to February!