My shop is a two-hour drive from the New Brunswick border.
  1. They are friendly.
    Sure, that's a classic Canadian stereotype, but I don't think there's anything bad about it.
  2. They are on a mission.
    That means they are here to buy, and they have a solid idea of what they are looking for, and therefore...
  3. ...They waste less of my time.
    They don't try on 12 pairs and then not buy a single one.
  4. They pay cash.
    Frequently nice crisp $100 bills. Cash transactions save me approximately 3% (versus credit/debit cards).
  5. Carol & Daisy!
    Two lifelong BFFs who come to town once or twice a year. Everything is "Cripes!" this and "Holy cripes!" that. I have a note in each of their customer files stating that they are a "total hoot!" They ride together in one vehicle with one of their husbands separately in his truck so he doesn't have to listen to them the whole way.
  6. They ride their moose into town.
    They run on maple 🍁 syrup, don't'cha know?