(You don't need to call 911.)
  1. My boyfriend wanted to grill some delicious meats, a task at which he has considerable skills.
  2. He invited a friend of ours over to partake in eating of said delicious meats.
    The more, the meatier.
  3. I took a nap and then a shower, then met them downstairs for dinner.
  4. After we ate, I tidied up a bit before the fruit flies descended upon the kitchen.
  5. We were sitting around the dining table, drinking wine and talking shit.
  6. My boyfriend then decided to clean the cast iron grill plates.
    Which he does by putting them in the oven and seeing it on "clean", which is super high temp to basically burn off any oven schmutz.
  7. I didn't notice this until the kitchen became smoky.
    In general, I'd advise against cleaning the oven while there are people occupying the direct area.
  8. Our friend decided that this might be a good time to head home.
    Smart guy.
  9. I soon realized that the whole house is full of smoke.
    And that my eyes are burning like crazy.
  10. My boyfriend turned off the oven but it locks for a certain amount of time after being on clean mode.
    So he can't remove the smoking grills.
  11. He plied me with peanut butter cups and sent me upstairs to wait.
  12. So I'm in my dressing room with the fan on, reading li.st and contemplating rinsing my eyeballs.
  13. Happy Saturday!