My first boyfriend wrote me constant, beautiful, corny, drug-inspired, earnest love letters for 4 years. A lot of them included lists - like one, of thank yous... I was 17, which means it was nearly 17 years ago. ❤️💔
  1. thank you for reminding me to stay young
  2. thank you for your 100,000 kilowatt smile and your hands on my face as I'm falling asleep
  3. for reading poetry to me
  4. for introducing me to your friends
  5. for thinking about me
  6. for caring
  7. thank you for the e-mails, and the phone calls, and the letters, and the pick me ups
  8. thank you for your jealousy
  9. thank you for your honesty
  10. for your time and space
  11. for asking me what was wrong that day in the grocery store
  12. thank you for not smoking
  13. thank you for reminding me if I'm being an ass
  14. for your lips and your breasts and your thighs, for your virginity, for your energy
  15. thank you for reviving me
  16. for the dates and the plans and the hopes and the dreams, thank you for believing in me and letting me believe in you
  17. thank you for the compliments and criticisms
  18. for the mocha frappes and your insights
  19. thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes
  20. for introducing me to your folks
  21. and for all the days we spend just wanderig
  22. thanks for sleeping next to me, for stringing up christmas lights, for lighting a fire and making soup
  23. for all the good conversation and all the silence
  24. thank you for being you all the time
  25. thank you for loving me
  26. and just thank you because it's thanksgiving and that's what you're supposed to do