1. Rob Gordon (High Fidelity)
    I think anyone who is immediately smitten with this app should embrace that RG is us and we are he.
  2. Ai (Video Girl Ai)
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    In this manga + anime, Ai is a "video girl" who is supposed to be a magical and perfect robot girlfriend who solves all of a human boy's problems. But when a kid plays her on a glitchy VCR, she comes out a little... Off. She's still eager to please, sweet, horny, kind, and generous. But she's also moody, anxious, possessive, and her boobs keep shrinking until they're tiny like mine. Most inconveniently of all she develops real emotions. As soon as I met her, I felt understood.
  3. Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones Diary)
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    What I love and relate to MOST about Bridget (and there is a lot) is her unflinching belief in waking up every morning and deciding to try to be a slightly better version of yourself than you were the day before. Even if you utterly fail semi regularly, I deeply believe that intention matters and that people are always capable of being better and more themselves.
  4. The girl described in the Modest Mouse song "Summer"
    The name thing is a coincidence, but: "we go to the parties listen to the DJ's / dance dance dance and go crazy / she's a party queen an she's in party heaven / her clock is stuck on late / got a first name basis at 7-11"
  5. Cameron (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
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    I have a ton of anxiety and I hate breaking rules, but I care about my friends more than anything and I'm a huge pushover. I'm Cameron. He's the hero, so it's cool.
  6. Hannah Horvath (Girls)
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    At some point I learned to stop being offended when my friends said I was the Hannah and I started to see the beauty in it. She's way more of a mess than I am now but maaaaaybe not more of a mess than I was at 24, if we're being totally real here. There's always hope for warm hearted messes — I think I turned out pretty ok.
  7. Buddy Glass (various Salinger stories)
    Dear reader, do you ever think maybe your main role in life is to shine a light on the people you love? To somehow manage to allow everyone to see your mom or your best friend or your lover in the way you see them? Do you ever think you're not the star of your own story — you're the narrator of a ensemble? But that's beautiful? Me too.
  8. Amélie (Amélie)
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    It feels a little narcissistic to compare yourself to this particular radiant being, but Amelie's will to create the magic she craves from life herself is something I both relate to and constantly strive for. Bonus Amelie lesson: recognizing the pitfalls of falling in love before the other person has signed on, which I am very guilty of at times.
  9. Anjali Sharma (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)
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    In my favorite Bollywood film, Anjali is best friends with a dude who is obviously her soulmate and who she's obviously in love with, but instead of coming to terms with their feelings for one another he ends up with the beautiful and more feminine third angle of their love triangle. Then a whole lot more happens (no spoilers here). Anyway, platonic friends who are destined for each other is the trope closest to my heart, and Anjali is a fucking delight.
  10. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
    Duh. Anne is a touchstone for any extreme extrovert, any girl that's ever been told she talks too much and too loud, anyone who loves to turn a stranger into a new best friend, and anyone who needs praise and love to live. I love you Anne.