Five Random Photos From My Phone

I kept it 💯 and just hit whatever I hit in an endless upwards scroll
  1. A picture of this page from my tweenage visual journal.
    Below there was a picture of Scott Foley that says "NOT MY TYPE (Scott Foley)"
  2. Me singing my favorite Pulp song at Karaoke Underground in Austin.
    "You are my secrets on the front page every week."
  3. A picture of my TV while I was "playing" Fallout, standing mostly naked in the tiny house I built.
    I wish this house was real.
  4. My favorite bar in my neighborhood serves all their beers like this.
    Tip Top in Bed-Stuy! It's the best.
  5. Sometimes I take screenshots of things I want to buy to remind myself to buy them.
    (I usually forget, and they're lost in my camera roll forever)