I got a decent tax refund this year and I decided that I was just going to treat myself with it, because I deserve it. Maybe.
  1. A plane ticket to New Orleans.
  2. I bought this blue silk robe from a very fancy lingerie dealer that was described as being like a smoking jacket for women.
  3. I bought like 15 things on my Etsy love list, including a pennant that says "good vibes only," two vintage gingham crop tops, mirrored faux leather oxfords, and a LOT of pretty underwear.
  4. I purchased a spiralizer attachment for my stand mixer and a new cutting board.
  5. I got a full size bottle of Prada's Candy, a perfume I have recently decided will be my new signature scent for awhile.
  6. I ordered this thing!!! I can't wait to torture my cats with new adventures.
  7. I bought a new vibrator. It's hot pink.
  8. Also: a tea length petticoat!
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion on vinyl.
  10. I ordered a five pound bag of atomic fireballs. I have one at the office but I needed one for home.
  11. I had four bottles of wine delivered to my apartment.