My Acceptable Celebrity DoppelgÄnger List

By request from @BWN_7 - I'm doing this as celebrities I've actually been compared to before and was flattered by (don't ask me about the time my roommate's boyfriend said I reminded him of Jack Black)
  1. Ally Sheedy (Breakfast Club)
    Consistently gotten this one since I was a teenager and I like it. Pre-makeover, obvi.
  2. Sally Field
    Got this one once from a guy who later stalked a friend of mine, ruining what I'd previously held as probably the most flattering compliment of my life. But it's been 10 years and I'm ready to embrace it again.
  3. Shirley MacLaine
    Making me think I could pull of a pixie cut is a dangerous game, Shirley.
  4. Linda Rondstadt
    The coolest.
  5. Exene Cervenka
    A photographer from the NYT told me I looked like Exene and I held it close to my heart.
  6. Anne Baxter
    A friend who I loved very much saw All About Eve and came out of it saying I was looked just like Anne Baxter and I've never forgotten.
  7. Sybil Seely
    Only got this once but any excuse to use this Gif.