There are a few I apparently just don't have photos of, like 1999's notorious "poetry in motion," but here are the ones that are documented. A lot of credit to my mom for hand making every kid costume.
  1. Unicorn (wee)
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  2. Unicorn (grownup)
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  3. Bunnicula
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  4. Black sheep boy
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  5. Elephant shrews
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  6. Koala
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  7. Plague of locusts
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  8. Dalmatian puppy
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  9. Carrie Kelley / Robin
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  10. Little Miss Muffet
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  11. Puppy
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  12. Betty Rubble
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  13. Frida from ABBA
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  14. Minnie Mouse
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  15. ??
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  16. The Little Prince
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  17. "Flapper"
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