1. Burritos
    Tacos are so much better!!
  2. Sandwiches
    Too often underwhelming to be considered reliable, even if they are occasionally life changing.
  3. Meat
    Involves hurting animals and animals are nice.
  4. Salad
    Sometimes good but rarely a meal and it's weird that there are so many different but identical options for this in Manhattan?!
  5. A vegetarian option that involves slimy roasted eggplant and zucchini
    Always the thing for vegetarians but we don't like it that much, trust us. Some potatoes or literally anything else would do.
  6. Cantaloupe
    Why eat this when watermelon exists?
  7. Daiya vegan cheese
    The most common vegan cheese substitute tastes like snot and I can make better stuff in my vitamix. Stay off my pizza!
  8. Penne
    Not as good as other pasta shapes IMO
  9. Cupcakes
    Very good but cookies and pie are both better and yet have not proliferated.