1. When my friend Brad got married, Let's Go Crazy played last at the reception and we went fucking crazy. We all knew all the words to the intro and a cute boy played my outstretched leg like a guitar.
  2. When a boy I had just fallen in love with moved from Texas to Colorado, and away from me, I closed his farewell mix CD with Sometimes It Snows In April and he cried on the plane over it.
  3. Later when I went to visit him, we listened to it while we made out.
  4. I've cried to Purple Rain more times than I can count.
  5. On a trip to LA, @hotdoorknobs and I watched Purple Rain at Hollywood Forever cemetery over crackers and white wine. Afterwards, we talked forever about how singular and alien he is.
  6. If I Was Your Girlfriend is the sexiest song of all time. "Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be" pierces my skin.
  7. Diamonds and Pearls is one of the first songs I can remember loving from the radio, and when I was 10 my best friend and I liked to call in requests — we alternated between that and Motownphilly.
  8. As a young teen I had a giant crush on a guy who was in an acapella group in Austin, and he did a killer (in my memory) version of Kiss that sexually excited me in a way I couldn't even fully grasp at the time.
  9. When I worked at a toy store with a bunch of older, cooler people, the one music thing that I'm pretty sure every single one of us shared was an abiding love of Prince. On the best days, we'd put on Purple Rain and boogie the afternoon away.