Linklater is probably my fav working director (that said the range from top to the very bottom here is as wide as it gets.)
  1. Boyhood
    A perfect, ambitious, masterpiece that made me cry all three times I saw it in the theater.
  2. Before Midnight
    Linklater's superpower is how well he works with actors to capture actually human sounding dialogue, this is heartbreakingly perfect in that regard. A masterpiece of realism. Deeply depressing but ultimately marginally hopeful, just like life.
  3. Dazed & Confused
    The most fun movie to watch anytime you're not sure what to watch. The most fun movie to watch when you're high. The most fun movie.
  4. Before Sunrise
    One of the most romantic movies ever made. Would be on this list if it was just the one minute when they're in the record store booth listening to Kath Bloom, that shit gets me every fucking time.
  5. Slacker
    The best movie about Austin, Texas. Truly a movie only Linklater could make, which we should all aspire to in our art IMO.
  6. Everybody Wants Some!!
    So dumb and fun — and for those of us into dudes, hotter than Magic Mike.
  7. Waking Life
    Underrated! It got shit for being self serious but it's actually very funny and smart. Plus the animation technique is just another example of how unafraid of weird experimentation Linklater often is.
  8. Before Sunset
    The "weakest" of the trilogy, which is praising by faint damnation.
  9. School of Rock
    I always forget how lovely this movie is and then it'll be on TV and I always watch it and I always smile and laugh so much.
  10. Tape
    In some ways this is the purest expression of what Linklater does so well: this movie is just about humanity and dialogue. It's a little uneven, but the performances are truly incredible.
  11. Bernie
    I didn't love-love Bernie as much as some people I know, but it's super smart and Jack Black is incredible. Linklater brings out the best in actors, always.
  12. SubUrbia
    I have such a soft spot for this film — it's not a masterpiece, but it's got all the real, funny, dark, exuberantly boring stuff that makes Linklater Linklater.
  13. Me & Orson Welles
    This movie is actually not bad, but it feels like Linklater departing from his sweetest spot. That said, it's well-executed and charming as hell.
  14. A Scanner Darkly
    Ambitious and visually stunning but the paranoia is suffocating and joyless and the word vomit / tangents less beautiful than in his other films.
  15. The documentary he made about the UT baseball coach
    This doc is so obviously a passion project for RL, which I find charming, but the stakes are too low to rank it higher.
  16. The Newton Boys
    It's not great!
  17. That Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton :(
    No comment.