1. I fixed the water pressure in my sink.
    My water pressure has been bad for weeks, months, maybe years. It was at the point where it was almost just a trickle. I always assumed all I could do was bug my landlord, who I hate bugging. Then I googled and found some instructional videos and bought a new aerator and HOLY SHIT I FIXED MY WATER PRESSURE. It's the best thing ever.
  2. I bought a knife sharpener.
    The best reviewed one I could find cost less than 30 dollars and in one of the more satisfying evenings of my life I sharpened all of my knives and wow they are very sharp now. It's the best.
  3. I upgraded my rice cooker.
    Well, technically my old rice cooker died and I bought a new rice cooker, but I went for a newer bigger prettier model in the process and it rules. Rice cookers are one of the only "novelty"ish appliances I think most people should have. They're so easy and so cute, like little spaceships for rice.
  4. I finally received this ludicrous ice machine
    A year and a half ago, I funded a kickstarter type campaign for a large appliances company who claimed to have made a countertop ice machine that makes sonic style "nugget ice." It was $400 and I thought I might regret it, every day until the day it finally arrived and made my life so much better every day that I crunch my nugget ice while watching my stories.
  5. I put a lazy Susan for condiments in my fridge
    It's really very convenient.
  6. I started ordering cases of Topo Chico to be delivered to my house.
    The mineral water most beloved by any Texan in Dryuary is very very very hard to find in NYC. So I started ordering cases from Amazon and made water great again.
  7. I put all my grains in cute containers
    Hehe I love them.