Some of the Things I Found While Going Through a Random Box of Paper

  1. A 15 year old love letter from my first boyfriend.
  2. A drawing of Tim Lincecum
  3. My dad's prom picture.
  4. Approximately 200 poems from over the course of many years playing "the poetry game" at twice yearly camping trips with my crew.
  5. Some chill self portraits.
  6. My first letter to the editor (to Ranger Rick).
  7. This drawing (one of these things came true!)
  8. A photobooth strip of me and my worst but sometimes best ex.
  9. A books and records catalog I art-directed 10 years ago.
  10. A series of drawings illustrating the sun salutation yoga poses.
  11. A picture of my dad and me and Bill Clinton.
  12. The most embarrassing photo of me ever taken / very typical outfit for me at age 16.