1. Anything You Wanna Do ;) - 60s girl groups and women-led soul that's good for making out.
  2. Outlaw Country + Texas Folk Nuggets, 65-90
  3. Slides Into Your DMs Like... - a soundtrack to Twitter crushing / flirting
  4. Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Little Girls - vintage feminism / patriarchal oppression
  5. Bleepy Bloopy - twee electronicish music
  6. Current Austin stuff - a playlist I made to accompany the "go see live music" portion of the 4000 word email of Austin recommendations that I send when anyone I know is visiting Austin.
  7. Got My Mind Cas(set)te On You - favorite songs for mixtapes from an imaginary cool dude
  8. Shangri September - my companion for a month in Los Angeles
  10. Love Songs For The Back Of Your Mind - love songs for someone you've never said I love you to and probably never will
  11. Nineties Homeschooled Austin Youth Squad - all the music I actually listened to when I was a teen.
  12. Easy Breezy - recently I realized I unironically love listening to adult contemporary music.
  13. Here Comes The Summer Of 2016 - vibes for this moment.