What am I missing?
  1. The record listening booth scene in Before Sunrise
  2. The end of City Lights when the flower girl sees the tramp for the first time
  3. The hair reveal in Beyond The Lights
  4. The face kisses at the end of Amelie
  5. The boombox scene in Say Anything, duh
  6. Their first time in Blue Is The Warmest Color
  7. When Alan Rickman carries Kate Winslet through the storm in Sense & Sensibility
  8. Love Me Tender in Wild At Heart
  9. The lasso the moon scene in It's A Wonderful Life
  10. The library sex in Atonement
  11. When Gosling plays her "You and Me" in Blue Valentine
  12. A kiss right at the moment of the apocalypse in Last Night (1998)
  13. The threesome in Y Tu Mama Tambien
  14. When Audrey Hepburn sits in Cary Grant's lap in Charade
  15. The closet scene in Brokeback Mountain 💔
  16. The "hunger strike" compliance stretch in Secretary
  17. The last scene of The Apartment — "shut up and deal"