A horror story
  1. Being on my period
  2. Being very sad that they had sex with someone else in a bed that I was sleeping in after we'd spent three months canoodling nightly
  3. Not eating animals
  4. Asking them not to confess their love to our mutual friend three years into our relationship
  5. Not dropping everything and moving to Seattle with them
  6. Glancing at their phone when the incoming text was a nude pic from one of their coworkers and subsequently getting upset
  7. Answering late night phone calls from my dad
  8. Saying I don't want to have babies
  9. Having a migraine
  10. Having feelings — either about them or about anything else
  11. Being sick
  12. Having a job
  13. Having friends
  14. Having a cat
  15. Being a human being
  16. Living