I have extremely cheap taste in most of my clothes, jewelry, restaurants, haircuts, and generally in life — but these are the things that I think are worth splurging on when you can.
  1. Lingerie
    A lot of people spend tons of money on their public facing clothes and no money on the stuff they wear privately or with a partner, but I prefer the other way around. Buying handmade, luxurious underthings that make you feel beautiful is the ultimate "treat yourself." Be the princess you want to see in the world.
  2. Therapy
    My therapist doesn't take insurance and that shit is EXPENSIVE but it's honestly so worth it. I may feel like I don't need to go at some point in the future, but I don't regret a single dollar I've spent on her that helped me figure things out and actually make decisions for myself.
  3. Drawing supplies
    My Micron and Prismacolor markers and pens make drawing fun and do as much for my art as any creative inspiration.
  4. A very occasional nice hotel
    Look, this isn't realistically something I could spend on the regular and I love seeing all kinds of residencies through Airbnb, but if you really need to relax and reset a nice hotel room is still the best option in the world. Those beds! One year I didn't have plans for NYE so I just rented a fancy hotel room in the Financial District and stayed in the bath for an hour. 😍
  5. Waxing
    Look, it's true that you can duck behind a curtain in Chinatown and get yr hooha waxed for $10, and it's not going to KILL you. But the experience is traumatic enough without being accidentally exposed to strangers and squinting at a fluorescent light. A good waxer makes the experience strangely... pleasurable? Mine uses pastel purple wax and smells good and gives me great advice about relationships.
  6. Kitchen appliances
    The difference between a standard blender and a VitaMix is like the difference between a skateboard and a Bugatti.