What I saw at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Today was a good day.
  1. First of all this was my outfit - channeling candyland cheerleaders meets twee sea captain. Aye aye!
  2. This is the Brooklyn Cyclones mascot dancing to Watch Me Whip...
  3. This queen.
  4. This woman who was semi terrifying.
  5. A "mermaid chicken" named Lady Gaga.
  6. Feeding the fishtank.
  7. I actually hated this guy and told him not to come near me because he was too scary.
  8. This weird fish.
  9. This beautiful baby carriage.
  10. This absolute princess of my heart.
  11. This person dressed in garbage to deliver an environmental message.
  12. The green sea goddess.
  13. This adorable couple.
  14. Dos Frida mermaids!!!!!!!
  15. That's it. Bless Coney Island, the best place in New York City.