After completing this list I would like to reflect and say I did do two productive things today so please do not yell at me, Mom.
  1. Like 8 episodes of Arrested Development
    Always my fallback option. I don't think an episode has ever not made me laugh. 8 is a lucky number in China so I had to keep going after the first one.
  2. The Best of Me
    Nicholas Sparks movie with James Marsden i.e. that guy from 27 Dresses. A complete waste of time but that's what I was going for!
  3. The Usual Suspects
    Somehow my first time watching it? Kevin Spacey! The guy that Jo falls in love with in Little Women! Various consecutive plot twists! I dig it.
  4. About four minutes of the season premier of Grey's Anatomy
    The Chinese government only wanted me to watch the first four minutes. Such is life. Don't think I missed much.
  5. While You Were Sleeping
    I love Sandy! And can we talk about how the brother looks like Robin Williams?
  6. The first hour of The Aviator
    I wasn't in the mood, but I do have a thing for planes so I will finish it someday.
  7. The first hour of Pulp Fiction
    Fell asleep. Not a comment on the movie but a comment on my REM cycles or lack thereof. But I promise I've seen it before! And I will watch the rest tomorrow to give it the respect it deserves! I won't even take bathroom breaks, I promise!