Cyclocosmia (trapdoor) spider

Visually disturbing, keeps me up at night, tonight specifically
  1. So there's this guy here
    8 legs, 8eyes
  2. Butt then...
  3. Never mind the fact that it may have existed before the time of ancient coins
  4. And even so, our creator would have know coins would be about at some point so it makes sense in that perspective
  5. LOOK at this
  6. A protective hardened abdomen to seal up the hole it dwells in if threatened
  7. BUTT
  8. It's a mixed feeling of dread, wonder, nausea, confusion, itchiness, fascination
    it's perfect math on a spider's ass
  10. How did this come about? Idk.
  11. My 11 year old saw my new trade in phone and asked me what was I doing with my money
  12. I scolded her that she can ask me those questions when she pays for me to go to summer camp and I tell her I need spending money for the field trip now turn off the got dam light
  13. It got dark
  14. I thought I heard tapping on the wall but I'm deaf so wtf either way
  15. But if I really DID hear it what could it be?
  16. A spider?
  17. Spiders are hideous
  18. Yea, how bout that one with the coin ass
  19. And there it is