Date set for first week in September
  1. February: You wanna sweet 16?
    Idk probably
  2. March: you wanna sweet 16?
    Idk maybe
  3. April: she approaches
    I'm not sure if I want princess Zelda or peach
  4. May: I have to order the fckn dress if u want something special
    Meh. Parties are stupid and unnecessary
  5. June: absolutely nothing is mentioned by either party except baby daddy
    You throwing a party? Guess fcking not.
  6. July: family members asking when and where this party is going to take place
    It's not I guess. She says parties are stupid and unnecessary and hates all the attention.
  7. July 31: my sister asking what she should get for a party that isn't happening as far as I know
  8. July 31: oldest child informs me that teen wants princess peach dress and Jared Leto cake
  9. July 31: begins to investigate bakeries, caterers, possible venue
  10. July 31: searches ready made princess peach costumes on eBay
  11. July 31: sends two choices to birthday teen
  12. August 1: text from teen "ew"