Where credit is due, of course
  1. She always lets me ride shot gun when my brother drives
    Claims it's easier for her to squeeze in the back w/the kids (whatever, shot gun)
  2. She's extremely humane in animal welfare
    I'd prefer not to adopt a 10yo incontinent dog but she did
  3. She's got a bigger showier heart than I do
    If it's too much work, I'll just donate $5. She'll put in time and effort AND $5
  4. She never complains about feeding me and will even run to the grocers for extra food
    It's always generic so I don't take her brand stuff
  5. She'll let me watch what I want on their TV
    Criticizing during streaming the whole time
  6. She almost always asks what I prefer we do when plans come up
    Then backhand talk at me how she'd prefer the other option
  7. She lets me go first at anything
  8. She's always willing to help set up stuff and pick up afterwords
  9. She's a little nicer to my brother in her process of aging and maturity
  10. Look what I found beyond my reach. Within my reach, a tub of Smeerios.
  11. lol ps. She left him today.