A short list of things that make no sense to me
  1. The hideous belly of a whale
    So, to glide more efficiently through water? It's already torpedoed shaped. Why not just make it less massive?
  2. Star nosed mole
    This is just unnecessary. We already have the spider.
  3. 8eyes and 8legged spider
    Just to be equally balanced while being equally creepy and horrifying the bigger they get?
  4. Fleas
    A dog, for example, is the friendliest, most loyal mammal I know of so wtf is he supposed to do about infestation?
  5. Aging
    There is no logical explanation for aging past 40. None. We can still deteriorate internally without looking like an overused grocery sack.
  6. Making us in His image
    You could've taken it down a few notches. We just use it against each other to gain something that doesn't actually exist in the physical sense... and to fuck things... constantly. But then I guess that would make us lions, bears, spiders and fish and to their defense intelligence is maxed out at mating so they have an excuse for BEASTLY behavior.