lil things u can do to make the world a better place
  1. always say thank you, and mean it
    whether it's your waitress, bus driver, professor, or good friend, express your gratitude for what they're doing for you!
  2. be generous with your belongings
    let someone borrow your notes, have one of your cigarettes, or a dollar to buy a coke. you won't miss these things if it helps a person out or makes them smile.
  3. compliment people daily
    I'm always appreciating people from afar (that sounds kinda creepy), but I've decided to become more vocal about it because compliments can make someone's day!
  4. ask how you can help
    if you see someone who looks distressed or in need of some assistance, ask how you can help them! it's so nice when you're struggling and one person decides not to ignore you.
  5. carry around extras of essential items
    if you're a girl, it's a good idea to always have a tampon on you for your fellow girls in need!
  6. be honest
    this one's simple, just don't be a liar! however, if what you're about to say isn't for the benefit of others, and could be hurtful, then just don't say it.