1. Camp me as her shit together and real me doesn't. Camp me is the most organized girl in staff cabin and is the only female staff member to get up early enough to wake our campers up for flags.
  2. Camp me is tough and real me is a wimp. Camp me let a seventeen year old girl her a stick and poke and didn't even flinch, but real me almost cried when a student tried to argue with her over email.
  3. Camp me is outdoorsy and athletic and real me just stays inside on tumblr.
  4. Camp me is cool and doesn't wear makeup and still feels good about herself and real me needs makeup everyday always.
  5. Camp me is artsy and makes her campers cool shit and promises to write them letters all year and real me is too lazy to buy stamps to write them back.
  6. Camp me is single and finds a camp boy to hook up with all summer except that one time camp me cheated on her boyfriend with a camp boy but real me is in a relationship and planning to stay in it.
  7. Camp me would have known who Sage was talking about when she said a camper had died this week but real me couldn't place a face to the name until someone posted a picture.